Keep it natural looking with cosmetic tattooing and DO NOT go by trends

Please say NO to Trends 

Why are newbies being taught removal! 

Especially, after only a couple days of training. 

Removal is a last resort. 

To be used when there are know other options.

 Removal is a commitment of at least a year.

 With the mentality they can simply start over! STOP! 

For the life of me it is so frustrating! 

If you have the extended fundamental training this should not be an issue!

 STOP doing thick and trendy brows, funky ass hair strokes and winged eyeliner! 

STOP! Be a free thinker, STOP blaming your needles, your pigments and the clients skin! 

It is you! 

It takes years to perfect this art form. 

Ask all artists

1.How many hours or days did you train?

2. How long ago?

3. How many procedures have you done?

4. Ask to see an extensive portfolio!!