Loving my job! As a seasoned Permanent Cosmetic Professional!

 My Code!

Let me start with my back story. I am not a 9 to 5 gal, never have been and never will be. I buck authority and always want more. Since a child I lived for all things creative, beautiful, colorful and balanced. Being lost in my mind. I spent a large portion of my life lost and just trying to survive. Endless jobs with an eclectic array. Poor choices and bad situations. Never really having any hope to move to the next level while always wanting more. Wanting that magic feeling.

Well here we go. I found that in 1994. All things fabulous combined; color, balance, skill, a challenge, having to answer only to myself and having a chance to change lives and be validated. I found my passion. Cosmetic Tattooing. I spent years and years mastering my craft and never limiting my knowledge or being afraid to know humility. When you do what you love it does not matter if your back hurts, are tired or irritated with all the personalities that make up this world. When you leave work it is all good. Never dreading going into the office is a godsend.

Like my dearest friend I feel bad for all the folks that do not meet their potential and grasp for the stars. Since the biggest relationship in life we will ever has is what we do it should matter. We probably spend a good 80% of our time working so it has to matter. I am blessed to have found my bliss and will be tattooing until I can no longer move. Now that is exciting. When one has the passion for the big relationship all else can fall into place like love, family, faith, fun and more.

Never ever forget your passion and if you have not found it, get busy. With all the challenges in life and our economy one has to have purpose!