And she is still one of my favorite clients to date!

 I originally went to Jane around 10 years ago.  My first experience with eyeliner and eyebrows was gorgeous.  Jane took great care in answering my questions, explaining the best choice for coloring, and she explained how she wanted to do the shaping specifically for my face.  The final product looked awesome.  Two years ago I decided to "cheat" on Jane and try the hugely popular microblading since it was offered to me at a cheap price and was promised to be pain free.  It was, in fact, pain also completely faded within 2 months.  When I went back to the person to have it redone she used a very, very dark color that was very wrong for my pale skin tone, and did the eyebrows much thicker than the last ones.  It still faded very quickly in some parts, and looked like a sharpie pencil line in other parts that went way too far outside of my natural brow.  It looked so bad that the employee offered me a full refund.  I had to use makeup to cover up my eyebrows which defeats the whole purpose of doing it in the first place.  After a couple weeks of frustration, and being tired of looking like a clown, I called Jane to see if she could help.  Using her experience and artistic talent she was able to do corrective coloring and shaping to tone down the bad work enough that I wasn't embarrassed to leave my house without a ton of makeup over my eyebrows.  Through subsequent touch ups we have been able to get my eyebrows looking beautiful again!  Thank you!  I learned my lesson and will remember to choose experience and artistry over new trends and flashy sales any day, after all, it is your face!!!

Heidi McHardy